Have a new URC remote that doesn't use mxd files?

Below are the step required to inport hex codes into the MX software. You must also have Pronto Edit Software.

If you already have the ccf (i.e. Cineslide ccf), then you can skip to step 16.

1. Open Pronto Edit Software and click on TSU1000 and click OK

2. Right Click DEVICE, Then Click ADD NEW DEVICE.

3. Click on newly added device and press F2, then type in the model of the device you wish to add hex code for. (Ex. Sony KLV30XBR2)

4. Now Right Click the model of the device you just renamed. Click ADD PANEL.

5.Right click on the panel, then click ADD BUTTON

6. Now move the button onto the panel.

7. Double click the button.

8. Click PROPERTIES and click NAME. Rename the button to whatever code you will be placing on that button. (EX. VIDEO 8)

9. Once you are finished changing the name of the button, click the ACTION Tab.

10. Then Click SET IR

11. Then Click VIEW IR.

12. At the bottom of this window you will see a large text box. This is where you will paste the HEX codes (From Remote Centeral, etc).

13. Once you have the code pasted into the large text box, click OK.

14. Click OK Again.

**Now you can continue to add buttons and keep adding Hex codes by retpeating steps 4-14.

15. Once you are finished adding codes, Click FILE, SAVE AS, then type in the model of the equipment you are working on (Ex. Sony KLV32XBR2). Then Click SAVE.

16. Now open up your URC Software (Ex. MX900).

17. Click on the UNIVERSAL BROWSER Icon (2nd Icon from the right). Then open up you file that you just saved in the Pronto Software.

18. Click on DEVICES. Then Click on the Panle that you named in the Pronto Software (KLV32XBR2).

19. In the panel view window you will see the buttons that you put in the Pronto software.

20. click on the button you want to input. Then click on the Learned Data in the Action List. You can now drage the learned data to a button in the URC Software.

I know it is a pain, but after you do a couple, it becomes a breeze. At leaste you have the ability to make hex codes work with the URC software.