INSTRUCTIONS ON THIS PAGE ARE FOR QUALIFIED INSTALLERS AND TECHNICIANS ONLY. These instructions involve building RS232 cables, and performing software updates to the hardware on the CineSlide. These instructions should only be used by those competent and qualified to handle RS232 cabling, communications and firmware updates. Failure to perform these instructions properly may damage a device and void the warranty.

CineSlide Updates (MS IE users Right CLick and choose "Save As" on these links):

1. CineSlide Update Instructions include:
instructions to change "home" side via CineSlide configuration utility
b) instruction for loading firmware updates
c) technical information on building a firmware and configuration special interface cable

2. CineSlide Configuration Utility ver 3.1 (cs_cfg_3-1.exe)

3. CineSlide Firmware loader program (CineSlideFirmwareLoader.exe)

Firmware binary files:

08/20/08: V728A220A392c5-82008.bin Corrects auto homing routine in V728a220a392v-d-1.bin when a lens in the Lens-On position is brute force moved from the lens-on position and then a move is attempted. Device now forces a smooth rehome routine to home position. Adjusted stop speed ramp for less stop-start induced movement on integrated mounts.

08/30/08: V728A220A392c5-83008.bin Undates to internal memory counters